New Members

Our parent organization is the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.*.  "Conceived by Hunters for Hunters" is both the philosophy and reality of HRC, Inc.  A non-Profit, totally volunteer organization with the exception of an Administrative Coordinator, HRC is democratically governed by a Board of Directors and an elected Executive Committee. Formed in 1984, the HRC boasts active membership of 8,500+ with 147 Clubs across the United States and Canada. Membership in HRC is open to all persons regardless of age, race, religion, creed or national origin. The HRC is a family-oriented organization offering outdoor fun and fellowship to its participants. Young hunters are the future of our organization. Participation by all family members is strongly encouraged and a wholesome atmosphere is maintained at all times. 

*MiHRC is a charter member of the National Hunting Retriever Club (HRC, Homepage | Hunting Retriever Club ( and is affiliated with The United Kennel Club (Home | United Kennel Club (UKC) (

Become a member

There are several options and requirements for membership to MiHRC.  See below for details and use the links to navigate your membership.


Full Membership to MiHRC

Entitles the individual to participate in all club functions. In addition, the individual has full access to training grounds during open hours. Grounds are open from March 1 to September 15.  The annual membership fee for the Full Membership option is $125.00.

Social Membership to MiHRC

Entitles the individual to participate in all club functions but does NOT allow individual access to the training grounds for the purpose of dog training.  The annual membership fee for the Social Membership option is $25.


Non-members may buy a punch card good for access to the grounds up to 3 days a year.  They are sold for $30 (individual day passes are not available) and a social membership is also required.  If you decide to join you will receive a credit towards full membership.  It is highly recommended purchasers utilize the training days when members are also training in order to foster relationships and get a gauge whether full membership is right for them.  It is expected that members are accepting of punch card purchasers, with the expectation that purchasers help out with wingers, equipment, etc.  


All dogs must be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC)


All members must be current members of HRC, Inc. 


For those unfamiliar with the ways of dog training (and some that are), please reference this document.  Manners and good etiquette make our club strong.